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With all the choices available today, what are the benefits and advantages of Quarrystone solid surface over other materials?






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In addition to kitchen and bath counter tops: Accent Trim, Archway Enhancements, Award/ Plaque Mountings, Back Splashes, Book Cases/ Shelves, Chair Rails, Computer Stations, Conference Tables, Cornices, Corner Wall Shelves, Customized Features for Air & Water Craft, Display Areas, Door Frames, Executive Desk/ Work Stations, Fireplace Surrounds, Food Bars, Hand Rails, Hot Tub Surrounds, Islands, Laundry Room Surfaces, Letter Files - Horizontal & Vertical, Mirror Accents, Mop Boards, Outdoor Bench / Table Tops, Peninsulas, Picture frames, Reception Areas, Etched/Inlayed Logos, Mission Statements, etc., Restroom Surfaces, Enclosures and Tub Surrounds, Sinks (Kitchen - Utility) [various sizes] , Table Tops, Transaction Counters, Valances, Vanity Bowls and Tops, Wall Panels, Wet Bars, Window Frames and Sills, Work Stations







Beautiful: Nothing beats the custom fit and sleek look of an exquisitely crafted Quarrystone solid surface countertop. Finish options range from matte to high gloss. Texture options include veining, large and small-variegated particles, translucent surfaces, eye-popping primary colors, pastels or solid colors.

Seamlessly Smooth: Sections can be joined with the same material to create hard, permanent, fail proof seams practically invisible to the naked eye. 

Non-porous: Resists stains and won’t expand and contract with humidity. Unlike granite or marble, solid surface never needs sealing.

Touchable: Unlike natural stone & quartz, which is cold and hard, Quarrystone solid surface is silky smooth, warm & inviting to the touch.  It feels as good as it looks.

Renewable:  Solid Surface is unique above all decorative surfacing in that it can be restored to its original look and feel through an onsite sanding/finishing process, without any loss in product quality. The age of the material has no effect on its ability to be renewed.

Durable — It is solid throughout. There are no veneers to chip, crack, peel or wear out.  It won’t become brittle over time like quartz or have weak unseen fissures like granite & marble. 

Broad range of Textures and Colors — The aesthetic includes solid colors (pastel to bold), granite, quartz & marble look-alikes, lightly sanded textures, multi-colored veining, translucent and metallic versions that take on an authentic patina with age. Its palette includes every color of the rainbow.  Colors can be created and customized to your personal preference.

Limitless Design Possibilities — There is no limit to how solid surface can be fabricated and customized, including inlays, borders, design trim, etc. It can also be molded into a wide range of useful shapes, such as sinks, bathtubs, shower pans, decorative embossed wall panels and even faucets.

Integral Molded Sinks & Back Splashes — Solid surface is a unique material that features molded sinks and back splashes integrated directly to the countertop. There are no gaps or messy caulks to contend with.  Many colors can match the counter top for a smooth continuous transition.

Easy to clean — Cleans easily with soap and water. Most household cleaners are also safe for solid surface.

Stain and Chemical Resistant — Solid Surface is unaffected by most household acids and alkalis.

Scratch Resistant — Scratches can be buffed out with a non-woven pad. Unlike natural stones & quartz, deep scratches are easily removed from solid surface by sanding or buffing.

Range of finishes — Solid surface is available in every kind of finish from dull matte to shiny high gloss.

Ever lasting — Solid surface is expected to have a 300-year outdoor life expectancy.  It is repairable and renewable. Even countertops that have been in use for years can be refinished to look as fresh and clean as the day they were installed.

Absorbs Impact — By absorbing the force of impact, solid surface is easy on expensive crystal and china.

Affordable — It is the best value for a premium countertop available.

Heat/Cold resistant — Remains stable and undamaged within reasonable hot/cold fluctuations.

Hygienic — Will not absorb food, odors or bacteria. Integral bowls and built-in coved backsplashes can be fused to the countertop to create a watertight and bacteria-free transition. 

Easy to repair — Easily repaired and restored to its original finish when done by a qualified professional.

Water Resistant — The ideal material for use around wet areas, such as countertops, bathtubs, shower surrounds, shower base/pans, laundry rooms and floors.

Versatile — In the hands of an experienced craftsmen, solid surface can be seamed, shaped and sanded into virtually any shape or configuration.

Thermo formable/moldable. Acrylic-modified based solid surface can be heated and bent to virtually any shape or contour, which makes it ideal for vertical wall applications in particular. Solid surface can also be cast into an infinite number of shapes at the point of manufacture.